iDMMPMM AUG-26-2009

improved Drosophila Melanogaster Major Position Matrix Motifs

If you are using this motif collection in your research please cite [Kulakovskiy, I.V. and Makeev, V.J. (2009) Discovery of DNA motifs recognized by transcription factors through integration of different experimental sources. Biophysics, 54(6), 667-674]

This site contains Drosophila transcription factor motifs built from different available experimental sources. For footprinting-only motifs please check our DMMPMM project. Also do not forget to check bottom of the page for the 'downloads' section. This is static page, so if you want to see the latest version do not be afraid of hitting F5 (refresh) in your browser.

Here you can access our fast motif digger ChIPMunk used in this research.

Here you can browse raw motif, sequence and comparison data.

Motifs and comparison data

Here you can find logos and comparison data for motifs built from different experimental data sources.

Here you can find comparison data on independent ChIP-chip peaks set.

Here you can find specific details about integrated motif construction procedure including description of the table columns.

Data sources


Here you can download integrated motif collection and the whole iDMMPMM archive.

small-BiSMark DTD, samples and details:
iDMMPMM data archieve:
Integrated motif collection (small-BiSMark + motif logos):
Integrated motif collection (plain text format): imm.txt
TFBS from Bergman footprinting database remapped using iDMMPMM motifs:
P-value vs threshold curves for integrated motifs:


August 26 2009 - Total rebuid, new independent control set.

May 26 2009 - Small fixes and corrections.

May 10 2009 - Collection remake using actual Chipmunk version.

April 25 2009 - Content update.

April 17 2009 - Initial release.


The work was supported by Russian Fund of Basic Research projects [07-04-01623 and 07-04-01584]; INTAS Project [05-1000008-8028]; Russian Federation Agency in Science and Innovation State Contract [02.531.11.9003]; Russian Academy of Sciences Program in Molecular and Cellular Biology, Project #10; and French INRIA Équipe associé MIGEC.

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