We, Russian scientists of the autosome team, are depressed by the dire events caused by Russian military actions in Ukraine.
We express our condolences to all affected people and sincerely hope for a prompt transition to peace.

  1. ADASTRA logo

    ADASTRA: database of allele-specific binding

    The database of Allelic Dosage-corrected Allele-Specific human Transcription factor binding sites provides a genomic map of allele-specific binding at hundreds thousands single-nucleotide polymorphisms constructed by meta-analysis of thousands of ChIP-Seq experiments, click here.

  2. HOCOMOCO logo

    HOCOMOCO: motif collection

    HOmo sapiens transcription factor COmprehensive MOdel COllection contains transcription factor (TF) binding models (motifs). The current release (v11) includes models for 680 human and 453 mouse TFs, new website, old website.

  3. EpiFactors logo

    EpiFactors: epigenetic factors database

    EpiFactors is a curated database of epigenetic factors, their genes, and complexes,
    read more.

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